Miðvikudag 10. febrúar

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Whispering Dream
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Fjöldi þátttakenda: 10 manns 

Wednesday 10th February
1 PM 

Live Stream

Whispering Dream
Online Workshop on Zoom

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Maximum participants: 10 persons
In this workshop we will use a personal story as a dream to practice a method that provokes a perspective coming from the image world of our body and sparks our intuition.
Each participant will bring a short description of something they experienced the day before, choose anything. The description should be written in the present tense and should be a 
detailed observation of the things and events 
that you see and perceive from your perspective, including your body sensation.

Bring a pen and paper. The method we practice, much like an artistic approach, can lead to questioning and reveal answers and perspectives that we no longer recognize due to the familiar ways we navigate through our 
linear world.


Sabine Fischer was born 1979 in Frankfurt (Oder), East-Germany. She has a diploma in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in Germany and received the title "Meisterschülerin" in Fine Arts after a two-year postgraduate study in the field of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. She graduated with MA in Fine Arts from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2020. She is also a student at the School of Images© founded by Dr. Catherine Shainberg in New York City, which researches the practice of dreams.