My Mother is Pink
Heimildarmynd, fyrirlestur
Lengd: 75 mínútur
Tungumál: enska

Leikstjóri: Cecile Debell

Online Event

My Mother is Pink
Documentary, lecture
Duration: 75 minutes
Language: English

Director: Cecile Debell

At 48 she had lost her 4 siblings, and her parents. The 3 fathers, from 3 different continents, have abandoned my brother my sister and myself. Grief manifests in many different ways. In my art work RULE PINK part 2, It’s Art not Rigging, I travel to
the 37 citie in which she has lived her 58-year-old life and create site-specific performances with her. This documentary by Cecilie Debell reveals the process of working with the woman in my blood. 

My Mother is Pink won the Outstanding Excellence Award at The Desert Edge Festival in Rajasthan, India in 201.

I/OF.K.40+ - The Lecture

For this lecture, you will need a scarf or an eye mask.

His burnt face staring back through 
my eyes in the mirror, playfully waving those long blades at me. 

My already dark reality had become 
a perfectly expanded cinematic backdrop, fading in his distilled and 
flaming gaze. 

Paralysed and cornered, 
the iridescent bubble formed and 
carried me to my destiny and chosen 
profession: strong free R18+ Content may include prolonged 
scenes of intense violence, sexual 
situations, coarse language and strong drug use.


Michael Richardt DK/NI is a performance artist, specialised in long-durational performance.
He trained as a dancer and an oil-painter. His practise involves visual arts, sculpture, film, writing and music. He is interested in performative structures to evoke transformative spaces within an active observer. Tornadoes and other natural phenomenon's play a central role in his work and are used to describe human complexities. He is searching for a utopic non-violent language, which transcends across cultural and religious landscapes. Since 2012 he has worked with his heritage, making performances and film about his Danish mother and his Nigerien father.