Karl Kvaran
World in Progress: The Premise of a Dialogue Manifesto 

Fimmtudagur 22. september
16:00 - 18:00 

L223 - Svarti salur
Innsetning - stafræn list
Lengd: 2 klst

Verkefnið World in Progress tengir saman á þverfaglegan hátt franska heimspeki Édouard Glissant og framtíðarsýn bandaríska arkitektsins Richard Buckminister Fuller. 

Karl Kvaran
World in Progress: The Premise of a Dialogue Manifesto

Thursday September 22nd
4 PM - 6 PM

L223 - Black Box
Installation - digital art 
Duration: 2 hrs

In our modern times, globalization has had an increased impact on our daily lives around the world. This is not the first historical phase of globalization and surely not the last. However, it is one of more dangerous and intense phases that the world has seen, leading to irreversible destruction, both through ecological degeneration and the disappearance of cultural identities. The project World in Progress brings together, with an interdisciplinary approach, the philosophy of French author, poet, and philosopher Édouard Glissant and the futuristic vision and mapmaking of American architect and author, Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Based on Glissant’s conception, the world is re-imagined as one shared residence, where the notion of Relation is introduced as a fundamental feature of communities around the planet setting up the basis for a future Dialogue Manifesto for architects and urban planners. These ideas are expressed both in text and in drawings in the form of maps. But maps are not copies; they are projections. They represent imagined or analytical worlds that exist partly in the minds of their makers. They project a hypothetical idea of what the world could, or should, be like now or in the future. Projections are not neutral, natural or ‘given’: they are constructed, configured, derived from various conventions. In this way, they contradict the traditional function of a map: to record the accurate topography of a place that someone has actually visited in the past. Nowadays, there are no longer unknown spaces or blank zones on a map. Terrae incognitae, the unknown lands, have ceased to exist. We have mapped everything, but it is not the end of mapmaking, since for every ‘official’ map, there are counter-maps. These depictions – or maps – will produce new realities just as they seek to document current ones.

Karl Kvaran, French-Icelandic architect and urban planner, is the founder of SP(R)INT STUDIO whose name signifies space (re)interpretation studio. Having participated in numerous international projects, his exploration of contemporary architecture focuses on trans-cultural and multi-disciplinary thinking, challenging the notion of interpretation of spaces. He pursues a fascination for investigative humanistic methods focusing on spatial interpretation and re-interpretation. Insisting on the element of multiplicity, plurality, or polysemy in spatial analysis, numerous research-based interpretations are realized, challenging existing thinking, none of which should be regarded as definitive, to achieve spatial innovation in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and landscape design. Karl lectures and teaches extensively around the world in both academic and professional settings, and is a regular lecturer at the Iceland University of the Arts in Reykjavik. He holds a Master of Architecture, as well as a HMONP Diploma, both from the École nationale supérieure d‘architecture de Paris-Malaquais.