Jón Þórarinn Þorvaldsson


Emilie / Michael
Gjörningur, sýning
Lengd: 20 mínútur
Tungumál: enska

Online event

Emilie / Michael
Performance, exhibition
Duration: 20 minutes
Language: English

The exhibition contains artworks by Michael Richardt. All works are selected and curated by Emilie Dalum, while Michael Richardt has been absent in the installation process. Michael makes a 20 minute long performance in the exhibition space, which will be recorded by Emilie in a one-take video. 

The project is an off-set from a performance and exhibition executed for our final projects of the fall semester 2020. The project explores both the physical distance and the trust between us.   


Michael Richardt DK/NI is a performance artist, specialised in long-durational performance. He trained as a dancer and an oil-painter. His practise involves visual arts, sculpture, film, writing and music. He is interested in performative structures to evoke transformative spaces within an active observer. Tornadoes and other natural phenomenon's play a central role in his work and are used to describe human complexities. He is searching for a utopic non-violent language, which transcends across cultural and religious landscapes. Since 2012 he has worked with his heritage, making performances and film about his Danish mother and his Nigerien father. 

In her curatorial work, Emilie Dalum (DK / IS) combines historical, personal and environmental matters. Dealing with themes as embodiment, real life, origins and sense perception, her practice explores a continuous dialogue between past and present, mainly focusing on non-institutional contexts and cultural / personal heritages. Aesthetical and psychological contrasts are always emphasized, resonating the conflicting feelings of human nature and questions conventions about beauty and ugliness within the world of the arts. Thus, Emilie’s sensitive eye for cultural and social inclusion attempts to unite the connections and interactions between art, people and places – across time and space.