Föstudag 12. febrúar

Bein útsending

Tónagull po polsku
Fyrirlestur / Q&A
Lengd: 20 mínútur
Tungumál: enska

Friday 12th February
11:30 AM

Live Stream

Tónagull po polsku
Lecture / Q&A
Duration: 20 minutes
Language: English

Tónagull is a popular family music method developed in Iceland, designed to fit the needs of families with children 0-3 years old. A Polish language version of Tónagull was launched in the fall of 2019. Nearly thirty families registered within just a week. This great community response indicates a need not before detected and an openness in the Polish community for this kind of service. The purpose of the project is to build on a successful method for family music classes and adapt it to the language, culture and traditional music material belonging to the Polish minority in Iceland and to broaden the current state of knowledge in the field of social integration and well-being of migrant families with particular focus on language, identity and parenting cultures.

Adam Świtała is a composer, musician and teacher, doctoral student and adjunct lecturer at the School of Education, University of Iceland. Member of the Advocacy Standing Committee of the International Society for Music Education (ISME). 2018-2020 member of the Editorial Board of the ISME/Routledge book series „Specialist Themes in Music Education,” former board member of the Polish Music Council, 2017-2018 president of the Polish Association for Music Education.